Apple Reportedly Prepping iOS-Powered HDTV

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Of all the Apple rumors that are always floating around, that of an Apple HDTV is one that just won't die. And now there's brand new fuel for the fire.

A former Apple exec apparently said that the company is planning to build Apple TV functionality into a TV, allowing you to stream video directly to it without having to plug anything in. It would be loaded up with iOS and be a sort of TV/computer hybrid.

Still, to start selling TVs would be to enter an already crowded field, and it's not clear if just not having to plug a little box into your TV is a good enough reason to warrant Apple diving in. But it does make a certain amount of sense; Apple has always loved controlling all aspects of how its products are experienced, and this would be one less thing for an outside company to contribute.

What do you think, would you buy an Apple HDTV?

Chinavasion via Gizmodo

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