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Apple Shuts Down Fake Driver’s License App

Production Problems Delay New California Driver Licenses

Need a fake driver's license? There's an app for that -- or at least there used to be.

Apple pulled an app that enabled drivers to make fake driver's licenses after a complaint from a Pennsylvania senator.

Senator Bob Casey (D-Penn.) wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook complaining the app "License," which had been approved for the app store.

"I believe this application poses a threat to public safety and national security....It can be used in a way that allows criminals to create a new identity, steal someone else's identity, or permit underage youth to purchase alcohol or tobacco illegally," he wrote in the letter. "National security systems depend on the trustworthiness of driver's licenses."

The app by DriversEd.com allowed iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to insert a digital photo and their information into a template that would then create a replica license for any of the 50 states in the union.

The image could then be printed and laminated to mock a real driver's license.

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