Apple Selling Products on eBay

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In need of a refurbished iPad or Mac? Look no further than eBay, because Apple is using the online store to sell its secondhand goods, according to reports.

 There has been a refurbished Apple store on eBay for about a month labeled "Refurbished Outlet," according to 9to5Mac. The online new site began to get suspicious about its 99.7 percent positive reviews but the complete lack of identity.

Now, apparently it's been decided that it is Apple trying out the refurbished online market on eBay. The outlet's products are the same as refurbished devices at the Apple store such as with a one-year warranty, like-new condition and even a new battery for iPads and iPods. But why would Apple be selling on eBay rather than its online Apple store?
We think the reason is obvious -- more eyes and more new customers. Those on eBay are probably not the same people shopping at the online Apple store. They are, however, looking for Christmas presents and good buys. We don't think it's a coincidence that the refurbished store is showing up a month before Christmas, do you?
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