Apple Stores May Be Heading to Sam's Club

Soon anyone will be able to buy an Apple device at most discount stores in the nation -- if Apple has its way. The Cupertino, Calif. company is reportedly in talks with Sam's Club to open its Apple stores within the discount chain's walls.

Sam’s Club, part of the Walmart empire, now sells Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod lines but the Apple store-within-a-store has becomes more attractive -- probably because competitor Target has them. Apple is reportedly now looking to place the Apple stores in 47 Sam's Club locations, according to 9to5Mac.

If the store-within-a-store doesn't pan out, then Sam's Club may still sell Macs but without Apple Store panache.

Apple already has similar stores-within-stores at Best Buy and Target, so Sam's Club is another way for the tech company to hit the heartland. While people on the coasts consume the tech gadgets and likely have nearby Apple Stores, those further inland have only online sales or the few chains selling Apple products. Expanding its Apple stores to Sam's Club -- and possibly Walmart -- would be a huge change in the tech company's demographics and for its bottom line.

But we have to ask, "What's next? iPhones in Safeway and Rite-Aid?"

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