Apple Teams With Yahoo to Fight Google

Apple is partnering with Yahoo to fight off Google's mobile muscle, according to a report. 

Rumors of the Apple-Yahoo pairing are gaining goodwill among analysts who see the alliance as mutually beneficial especially when it may fight off the Google behemoth, according to AppleInsider.
Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee wrote in a note to investors that the  partnership would be ideal because Yahoo is the "Switzerland of Internet companies" and not a part of the Apple-Google feud. We assume that means Yahoo's reputation is somewhat neutral in the tech arena -- although some would say that it's been on the decline for the last decade or so. Still, an unnamed source said that the Yahoo Web properties would show up on iOS devices tied with Siri soon.
However, Wu writes that although Android is a dominant platform, Apple's iOS counts for just over half of mobile revenue. Basically, Apple can afford to experiment with Yahoo content and apps because it already has the mobile customers. And if it can boost Yahoo's fortunes, it will likely hurt Google's -- and then it's all come full-circle in the Apple-Google feud.
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