Apple to Create Cheap Plastic Phones

 Apple creating a cheaper iPhone has been a rumor circulating for the last few years. But a new report seems to be lending more credence to the possibility.

Dubbed the "ready for China" iPhone, the inexpensive phone will look mostly like an iPhone 5, but also look a little like an iPod with plastic and less rounded edges, according to iLounge. The cheaper iPhone will also have retina display, four-inch screen and other iPhone bells and whistles, but the major difference is in the plastic body and a seemingly iPod classic design.

Whether you believe this report or not, and Apple's Phil Schiller has denied its existence, it would make sense for Apple to ready a cheaper iPhone model for the developing world. And despite Schiller's denial, it would open up a new segment for the Cupertino, Calif. company.

Our only question would be if Apple would make it available in this country or not?

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