Apple to Release New IOS, ICloud and OS X Lion

Apple will unveil its new mobile operating system, cloud sharing service and the eighth major release of OS X Lion at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6, the company reported Tuesday.

CEO Steve Jobs and other Apple execs are expected to deliver the news at a keynote address at 10 a.m., discussing the iOS 5, Lion and its new iCloud service.The WWDC is an event with more than 100 technical sessions by Apple engineers so developers can create code with their help.

While many questioned Apple's unusual move of pre-announcing their plans, CrunchGear suggested that Apple has more afoot and is trying to get media off the scent. "This pre-announcement either means Apple doesn’t have that much to show, or, hopefully, there’s so much that the company had to announce some ahead of time to make room in Steve’s keynote," according to its report.

While speculation can run rampant, the biggest news is probably that Jobs will be on hand to lead the keynote. Apple's pitchman tends to be a major attraction at these events, and after recent reports of his health problems, developers and investors alike will be happy to see him in an active role at Apple.

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