Apple Working on Wraparound Screen

Getty Images

Apple designers are working on a wraparound screen for its mobile electronic devices, according to reports.

The news came in a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filing  "Electronic device with wrap around display", according to AppleInsider. The new screen will be a foldable AMOLED display wrapped around a transparent structure.

Apparently a curved display gives more screen space and the transparent display means it can be layered like a 3D screen. It will also allow users to see a "broader set of graphics" compared to the typical smartphone, however it also means that it also needs sensors to figure out how a user is interacting with the device. That's when facial recognition software is needed to track the user, according to the filing. We assume it's necessary so the device can figure out when a user is looking at it from a certain angle.

The wraparound screen is a new innovation, but the current filing seems a bit difficult to use and understand. Perhaps in a few years it will come up with something that doesn't need facial recognition software.

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