Apple's iPhone Tops Yahoo's Year in Review

Facebook and Yahoo may remember the year differently but both have put out their annual recaps.

Tuesday Facebook shared with the world the most shared news stories of 2011 and Thursday Yahoo took its turn.

The Sunnyvale company gripped in reports of its imminent sale released the top trending stories of the year based on billions of searches on its website.

And the Bay Area was well represented on the list.

"Interestingly, the top search term of 2011 didn't go to a person or a news event, but a technological marvel," Yahoo summed up the results in a statement. "The iPhone led the 2011 search queries, bypassing a reality TV divorcee, a notorious criminal defendant, and America's most wanted terrorist."

Apple's wonder phone some how was more interesting to Yahoo searchers than earthquakes in Japan, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Kim Kardashian's marriage troubles or even the death of the iPhone creater, Steve Jobs.

The top searches on Yahoo in 2011 were:

1.    iPhone
2.    Casey Anthony
3.    Kim Kardashian
4.    Katy Perry
5.    Jennifer Lopez
6.    Lindsay Lohan
7.    American Idol
8.    Jennifer Aniston
9.    Japan Earthquake
10.    Osama Bin Laden

The search company also released the top searched stories of the last 10 years for comparison.

They were:

•    2011: iPhone
•    2010: BP Oil Spill
•    2009: Michael Jackson
•    2008: Britney Spears
•    2007: Britney Spears
•    2006: Britney Spears
•    2005: Britney Spears
•    2004: American Idol
•    2003: KaZaA
•    2002: PlayStation 2


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