Apps Pass 1 Billion Downloads/ Week

The new year is coming in with a bandwidth bang for mobile apps, according to Flurry, an app analytics firm.

The week of Christmas provided the world's first billion-download week, with 1.2 billion apps being ported to Android and iOS devices. Flurry tracks 20 countries for mobile usage.

Gifted handhelds and gift cards likely enabled the surge in downloads, with the expectation that things will return to sub-billion loads in a week or so.

The Next Web points out that Flurry tracks the official app stores for Android and Apple, and not the unofficial ones that are prevalent for Android, especially in China.

The U.S. had 42.3 percent of the total number of downloads, with China following second with 99 million downloads. Of course, the vast majority of China does not celebrate Christmas, with only 3-4 percent of the population being Christian.

Canada, by the way, surpassed both South Korea and Japan for downloads -- a first as the Asian countries slip down the overall list of active downloaders.

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