Are the iPhone’s Notifications About To Be Overhauled?


The one major gripe that lots of people have about iOS is its notifications system. If you get a text or an app pings you or you're low on battery, it takes over the entire screen and forcefully pauses whatever you're doing. But a new hire hints that there may be changes in the works.

Peter Hajas is a developer who wrote MobileNotifier, an overhaul of the iOS notification system that works on jailbroken phones. And guess where he's working now? Yep, Apple.

MobileNotifier is a slick and elegant solution to the notifications issue. You can see how it works in the video below. While it may not be exactly what we'll be seeing next week with the reveals of iOS 5, it at least shows that Apple is seeking out people with fresh ideas on how to overhaul it.

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