Area Apple Store Closed, Probably Not iPhone Related

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There is a photo being circulated around the interwebs right now, which came from 9to5Mac, showing an AT&T van parked outside a blacked out Apple Retail Store on Chestnut Street in San Francisco.

The smaller SF store has been closed from Sept. 26, and will reopen a day after the Apple event on October 4. The store is redirecting customers to the much bigger flagship store in downtown San Francisco.

The post from 9to5Mac says nothing other than "Don't read too much into this picture..." and one probably should do just that.

A representative at the Chestnut Street store told NBC Bay Area they were closed to install new security doors.

Gotta Be Mobile says a similar closing at the St. James Place Apple Store in Pennsylvania was closed for a week after renovations.

Regarding the PA store, “They are doing renovations—some work to the entryway,” Mark Bachus, the shopping center’s general manager tells Patch, explaining that, “They are making some changes to the interior, and they had to move a couple of sprinkler heads, so that forces the tenant to actually close down for a period of time until they get the sprinkler back up.”

Most likely something similar is what is happening at the Bay Area stores.

The Walnut Creek Apple Store is also reportedly blacked out.

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