Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants a Career in Bollywood

Former governor is touring India and spoke with local reporters about where he wants his career to go

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been enjoying his time off from politics with a trip to India.

But the actor-turned-politician has never been shy to steal a headline or two when possible. After being shunned away from the iconic Taj Mahal -- it was closed -- Schwarzenegger took a moment to talk about his return to movies.

And it appears the action star has a thing for Bollywood numbers. He told local reporters that he would be interested in appearing in an Indian-made movie if the script was right.

"Maybe if there is a good script and a good, interesting director, then -- I mean I worked already all over the world -- I would not mind working in India," he said. "What’s amazing about India is that they have an extraordinary movie industry. They do over 700 movies a year. I mean I don’t think there was ever a year when America did 700 movies. It is really amazing if you think about it."

Bollywood has a track record of cheesy stunts and explosions but could the former governor pull off a Bollywood dance?

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