Ashton Kutcher's “Two and a Half Men” Monster Trailer

Things are looking good for Mr. Demi Moore this year... he picked up a new gig on CBS's "Two and a Half Men" (replacing Charlie Sheen) and picked up a new mobile mansion aka an uber-luxurious trailer--which we might add blows Sheen's ordinary 'ol trailer out of the luxury RV lot--for the filming of the new season of the show.

This trailer is more luxurious than most people's homes, boasting two floors, 1,100 square feet, 7 60-inch 3D plasma TVs, 360-degree video surveillance, granite countertops and conference room.

Warner Bros is shelling out $8,750 a week to pay for this behemoth, which seems like petty cash when compared to Kutcher's reported one-million-dollar-per-episode paychecks.

Anderson Mobile Estates is the company that builds these fancy trailers for Hollywood A-listers. Kutcher's monster is called the "Baby Girl," while Will Smith's was named "The Heat," an equally impressive trailer for the filming of "Men in Black 3" that caused quite an uproar in New York City a few months back due to its inconveniently large size.

Kutcher better hope the new season doesn't bomb, so that Warner Bros can afford to pay for his swank new pad on wheels. 

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