Audi A8 Adds Google Earth to Its Nav System

Now, there are in-car navigation systems, and there are in-car navigation ZOMG systems. This, chums, is one of the latter — Audi's updated MMI system for its A8 sedan, which will incorporate Google Earth; the first time ever it's been applied in a production car.

As well as the hard-disk navi system, there's a GPRS/EDGE modem, meaning you'll be bombarded with a constant stream of Google info. You can plan your route on Google Maps, and Google Earth, as well as Audi's online portal, and transmit all data to the A8's sophisticated system. (Did I mention it's got an 8-speed gearbox? Well, I just did.)

So far, Audi says that the updated MMI system will be available in selected markets, but it's remaining coy as to which country we'll have to move to in order to get this as standard on our new set of wheels.

Via Autoblog

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