Bachelorette's Justin Rego “Sick” After Watching Show's Reunion Special

Says threat of lawsuit won't stop him from blasting producers

"Bachelorette" bad-boy Justin Rego is "sick to his stomach" after watching fellow suitors bash him on Monday's 'Men Tell All" special.

Justin "Rated-R" Rego, as he calls himself, used his Facebook page to lash out at both men vying for bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky's heart, and the producers of the ABC show, who he claims solely base their editing decisions on what will bring in the highest ratings.

Rego opted out of appearing on the reunion show after seeing the "powers of editing," according to his post.

"Last night as I sat home and watched the Tell All Special I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach as I watched helplessly as my name and reputation were being tarnished," the ousted contestant wrote Tuesday.

After it was revealed that Rego, a professional wrestler from Toronto, Canada had a girlfriend back home during the show's taping, he was dubbed the season's villain. That made him one of the prime targets for the other men in the Bachelor mansion, including Craig R and Kasey.

Rego, who accused the show's producers of "exploiting" him, said he's been threatened with a lawsuit but will not back down.

"I will continue to speak my mind and will explain exactly what happened to show how manipulative the Producers of The Bachelorette can be," he said.

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