Bananas Go Big at Sacramento Festival

It's a snacky celebration of everyone's favorite peelable treat.

GOING BANANAS? We've got no need to pack nor schedule transportation, because we're already there. There's no "going" about it, in fact, when it comes to bananas: We're staying bananas, is the thing. We're there when we slice up a succulent naner for our peanut butter-slathered toast, we're there when we throw a medium-sized banana into the ol' smoothie blender, and we're definitely there when we reach into the fruit bowl as we run out the door. The reason for our loyalty to this especially long and oh-so-luscious fruit should be clear: It has a distinctive and delicious taste, a texture that can only be described as "banana-like," and that it arrives in its own packaging is as plussy as pluses get. So why shouldn't there be a celebration to fête this fine fruit every summer? And so there is, in...

SACRAMENTO: It's the Sacramento Banana Festival, which has a beautifully easy name to remember, and it will peel into its annual party on Saturday, Aug. 10 and Sunday, Aug. 11 at William Land Park. There shall be eats of a banana-forward nature, yes, but lots to see, too, including "... live entertainment, multi-cultural exhibits, (a) marketplace, food trucks, and more." A ticket? An adult entry is eight bucks in advance or a tenner once you're there. Money raised from the event goes to help the National Academic Youth Corps, so you can feel in the pink while you nosh your naner num-nums. Surely you call...

BANANA-BASED SNACKS... "naner num-nums"? No? Okay, we get that. Still, it's a fruit we're exceedingly fond of, so much so we'll pause and celebrate its healthy and filling existence, each and every summer in Sacramento.

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