Bankrupt “Real Housewives” Star Goes On $60k Shopping Spree

Being bankrupt didn't stop Teresa Giudice from having one last blowout shopping spree.

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast member spent $60,000 in one outing, a revelation that came out during a court hearing in which she and her husband, Joe, attempted stop a federal judge from auctioning the contents of their home in Towaco, N.J., reports the New York Post.

James Kridel, the Giudice's attorney, was hard pressed to explain the binge to the presiding judge. Seeing as he filed the documentation that included the receipts for the outing, Kridel explained that he knew the papers were "a dilemma" and that the spree could be seen as "conspicuous consumption."

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Shortly after the couple filed to strike their debt, they spent $8,000 on curtains and almost $45,000 for various items, like mirrors, chairs and tables.

"These were not Ikea-purchased furniture items," said Judge Morris Stern. "These were from high-end design stores."

The auction was delayed until October 3. The judge noted that the couple was making a "lifestyle choice" by choosing to burn through their cash, but said that it was ,"not for this court to tell people how to spend their money."

Teresa did not comment when leaving after the proceedings, but her husband Joe lashed out at reporters, yelling, "None of your business! Back off before I get pissed!"

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