Bath Salts? Hardly


Ever heard of methylenedioxypyrovalerone? Also known as MDPV, it’s a substance whose name is as dangerous as it is long.   

You won’t find it over the counter at your local drug store, but jump online and order the right (or wrong) "bath salts" and you’ve got an ingredient that, when ingested, can drive you to horrific hallucinations, self-mutilation and ultimately suicide.  

It’s a vicious reality. 

People looking for a cheap, quick high are turning to this stuff and, thankfully, California lawmakers are taking action. 

This week the state Senate approved urgency legislation that would put an end to the legal sale of MDPV, mephedrone, naphthylpyrovalerone and other dangerous substances that affect the user in unimaginable ways.

The marketing is clever with product names like “White Lightning” and “Ivory Wave.” Make no mistake, this isn’t the same stuff mom uses for a relaxing bath. It’s cheap, deadly and warrants our full attention.

Remember the “huffing” craze a few years back? Inhaling deeply from an open can of paint to get a quick high? This stuff makes “huffing” look like a ride at Legoland.

Take the case of Dickie Sanders. A Louisiana kid. Dickie used the “salts” and ended up hallucinating, cutting his throat and ultimately shooting and killing himself.  All on the same trip.

In Louisiana where the “bath salts” became such a problem, an emergency order was put into place outlawing the substance after an abundance of calls to the state’s Poison Control Center.

Mississippi and Kentucky are experiencing a rising number of cases as well.  Both states are considering legislation to ban the sale of the powders. 

Here in California it’s Assemblyman Ben Hueso of San Diego who’s leading the charge. His legislation is a pro-forma sign off away from Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. 

Hueso understands the problem well. In Chula Vista the problem is growing and the police department is urging Sacramento not to waste time in this fight. 

And they probably won’t. When presented on the floor Tuesday, Hueso’s bill was met with absolutely no resistance. 

At a time when unemployment, budget cuts and taxes are taking center stage, the problem of these substances deserves the stroke of Governor Brown’s pen and enforcement thereafter.

Cut the head off this deadly snake before it gets any bigger.

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