“Batman 3” Apparently Set to Start Shooting in March Without Gordon-Levitt

It was fun while it lasted, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt has not been cast as the bad guy in "Batman 3," but the good news is that the next Dark Knight saga is to start shooting next spring.

The tubes were ablaze with glee yesterday at the "news" that JGL had been cast as The Riddler, a tidbit dropped by Hollywood Life. It was the perfect rumor in that it made total sense, was about the biggest movie franchise going and offered a piece of casting news that would thrill fanboys, movie snobs and regular folks. But it was too good to be true, according to Gordon-Levitt's "people" via The Playlist.

We can take solace in the fact that things are moving forward with "Batman 3," which will begin shooting in March, according to Hero Complex, which lines up well with the film's 2012 release date.

Director Chris Nolan will be at the Hero Complex Film Festival tomorrow, so maybe he can shed some more light on what's happening, and maybe even get some word on his next film, "Inception," which opens July 16.

And remember, people in Hollywood lie all the time, sothere's still a chance that Gordon-Levitt is in play for "Batman 3."

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