Caught on Camera: Bear Startles Couple Visiting From Scotland

The man, who suffered a few scratches on his calf, said he's "never had such excitement."

Talk about a bear scare.

A Scottish couple visiting Pasadena had a close encounter with a young bear earlier this week, and the incident was captured by a surveillance camera.

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Bobby and Irene McKeown left the home they were staying at Tuesday morning. Bobby McKeown turned to lock the door as his wife waited nearby -- but neither noticed the furry figure that can be seen  lurking in the background on the security video.

The bear appeared to take a step back when the couple first exited the house onto the porch. But instead of continuing the retreat, the curious young bear followed the McKeowns out to their car.

Bobby Mckeown suffered a nip or claw to his calf in an incident off-camera.

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"There were a couple of scratches," Bobby McKeown said.

Despite the minor injury, the couple characterized the encounter as just another story to tell their friends about their Southern California visit.

"I’m very lucky. Never had such excitement," Bobby McKeown said.

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Neighbors in the area are very familiar with bears, and one family says this bear regularly eats their family’s trash, according to an NBC4 report.

Some think he may be here with his mother, a bigger bear seen in the Pasadena area on Thursday.

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There is speculation that this bear could be from same bear family that was spotted two years ago in a tree in an Altadena neighborhood.

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"He doesn’t look too harmless but he’s a wild animal, you never know. So it's probably safe to tranquilize him or get him out of here somehow, you know," a neighboring Pasadena resident said.

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