Best Gifts for Greenies

Give a gift, help the Earth... that's good multitasking.

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Get cheesy with it. Constructed from reclaimed chalkboards from an elementary school in Illinois, this handmade <a href=”” target=blank>slate cheese board</a> ($48) comes with a piece of chalk to label cheeses. Divided into four sections, your gift recipient will never mix up his or her favorite milk-based food products ever again. <b>GET IT:</b> <a href=”” target=blank></a>
Your purchase of a <a href="" target=blank>vintage jewelry roll</a> ($14) helps preserves 1,145 sq. ft. of land. A great travel aid for anyone, the rolls feature three zippered compartments and a ring organizer, handmade by a fair trade organization in southern India. <b>GET IT:</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>
No need to feel guilty for drinking when sipping from these recycled wine glasses ($28 for two). Perfect for the eco-conscious vino enthusiast, these stemless wine glasses, handmade in Colombia, have a slight green hue and are as unique as they are environmentally friendly. We’ll toast to that. <b>GET IT:</b> <a href=”” target=blank></a>.
Urban Lace Jewelry
These delicate <a href="" target=blank>Urban Lace</a> designs ($29.99) are made from old tires. Who'da thunk? <b>GET IT</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>.
Smithsonian Institution
We all wish Butterstick could actually live with us. Not happening, but you can still give the gift of "adopting" one of the adorable critters with the National Zoo's <a href="" target=blank>Adopt a Species</a> program ($65 and up). If pandas aren't your friend's fave (for shame!), choose from plenty of other options, from lions to seals to Western Lowland Gorillas. Included in the price is a stuffed animal. <b>GET IT</b> <a href="" target=blank>National Zoo</a>.
CB2 / Carried Away Bags
Kick it old-school with a reusable lunch bag -- who needs paper <i>or</i> plastic? Made of 100% certified-organic cotton, CB2’s <a href=”” target=blank></a>simplified bag</a> ($17.95) offers an eco-friendly update on a classic elementary school staple. If you’re looking to gift something more eye-catching, consider a hand-sewn apricot blossom-adorned <a href=” target=blank”>insulated bag</a> ($24) from DIY mecca Etsy. <b>GET IT:</b> <a href=”” target=blank></a> or 3307 M St. NW; <a href=” target=blank”>Carried Away Bags at</a>.
Living Green
Thermos doesn't have to mean blah. This stylish <a href="" target=blank>eco-friendly travel mug</a> ($28) would be an elegant gift for sophisticated co-workers or eco-chic friends. <b>GET IT</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>.
Angela by John Hardy
Give the gift of bling with on of these intricate <a href="|Q619&rewrite=no&cookie=set" target=blank>Angela by John Hardy</a> pieces, crafted from recycled gold and silver ($57 and up). <b>GET IT</b> <a href="|Q619&rewrite=no&cookie=set" target=blank></a>.
Indigenous Designs
Support fashion and fair trade with this <a href="" target=blank>boho scarf</a> from Peru ($19). <b>GET IT</b> <a href="" target=blank></a>.
Do some good for both the earth and your pal’s couch situation with this <a href= target=blank>hand-printed pod pillow</a> ($49 each) from Balanced Design. The pillows are decorated with water-based inks on 100 percent linen. <b>GET IT:</b> <a href= target=blank></a>.
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