Betty White's Plan for SNL: “Very Little Nudity”

Betty White has arrived in New York to begin preparing for her much awaited "Saturday Night Live" appearance -- and to lay down some ground rules.

White unveiled her plan for tackling her hosting duties for this weekend's live taping of "SNL" during an appearance on NBC's "Today" show this morning.

"Very little nudity, just a little here and there," she told host Meredith Vieira, as the crew could be heard laughing off-camera.

White said she was "scared to death" about her appearance. So why has she agreed to do the show after two previous rejections? She blamed her agent. "He said, 'You have to do that or I'll divorce you,'" White said. "It's hard to get another agent."

When it was pointed out that she and her musical guest Jay-Z made for an odd pairing, she replied, "Odd is sort of the name of the game these days."

"It's going to be interesting," she said. "I'll just go with the flow."

While "SNL" rarely lives up to its own massive hype as a comedic vehicle, this is one that simply cannot fail for at least three great laughs.

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