Beyonce Selling 190-Square-Foot Beachside Cabana aka Her Changing Room

One telltale sign that you're an A-list celeb is buying a 190-square-feet beachside cabana for the sole purpose of using it as a private restroom and changing room between time at the beach and the pool. So is the life of superstar and soon-to-be-mama Beyonce Knowles.
According to public records, Beyonce bought the tiny pad back in 2002 for a whopping $465,000. Located in the glam Green Diamond condominium complex in Miami Beach, Beyonce reportedly used the cabana so she could change and use it as her own private restroom instead of having to trudge up to the larger condo unit she owns in the same complex. 
Despite the obvious practicality of owning a private changing room, Beyonce decided to unload the cabana in November, but unfortunately for the singer, the final selling price was $110,000, which is a staggering $355,000 less than what she initially paid for the spot. For a woman whose net worth is reportedly $300 million, we doubt that this substantial loss even phased mom-to-be. 
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