Beyonce Announces She Is Pregnant at MTV VMAs

All the awards and special appearances aside, the biggest surprise of the night had to be the bulge under the red gown being worn by Beyonce.

It's clearly early in her pregnancy, as the bump might have gone totally unnoticed--if she hadn't framed it with her hands, as in the photo that MTV tweeted.

When Beyonce took the stage later in the night to perform "Love on Top" she was wearing a purple sequined dinner jacket with a cummerbund that almost completely obscured the bump.

Beyonce was also on hand as a nominee, with her video for "Run the World (Girls)" up for three awards, Best Female Video, Best Choreography and Best Cinematography. The father-to-be, her husband Jay-Z, was there as well, making a "secret guest performance" with Kanye West of the single "Otis," from their album "Watch the Throne."

This will be the first child for the couple, who married on April 4, 2008, at his Tribeca loft.

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