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Bicyclist, San Diego Army Veteran Killed on Cross Country Trek Remembered

 A San Diego Army veteran and bicyclist killed when on a nationwide journey to draw attention to the rights of U.S. military veterans was remembered by his fellow service members Saturday. 

Stephen Michael Clift, 48, of San Diego, was struck by a car in November while cycling through Texas. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died. Authorities said the wreck appeared to be an accident and no charges were immediately fired. 

Clift was taking an American flag across the country for Veterans for Peace across the country to bring attention to the struggles of homeless veterans. 

"One of the things we tried to do was go out and find those activities that directly related to the homeless people and were effective in helping them," Jack Doxey, with Veterans for Peace.

Clift received full military honors by the 82nd Airborne Division Association.

Michael was a multi-faceted man dedicated to his cause, Doxey said. 

"With Michael, his message was so strong that his ego and his self consciousness dropped off and the message became the most important thing," Doxey said. 

Doxey said he and Michael became close over their work helping homeless veterans. Michael became an authority when he chose to be homeless firsthand to learn what struggles veterans were facing, so he could better help them out. 

"If Michael had any enemies, I never met them," Doxey said. 

The American flag was presented to family members, including his father, who is also a veteran. Outside, there was a rifle salute. 

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