Bidding BSG Farewell (Well, Yes and No…)

Tonight, at 9 p.m., the universe comes to an end.

We're only exaggerating a hair when we say that about eight people offered to loan us their "Battlestar Galactica" DVDs within about a ten-month period. Happened to you too? Maybe you had a similar experience of talking about cheese plates or favorite holiday traditions when suddenly, out of nowhere, the offer came.

We believe thist is because, in certain quarters, BSG is simply always on people's minds. It's understandable: With the intricate drama, fascinating (and complex) relationships, and Cylons to boot, "Battlestar" has entered the pantheon of great television classics.

So, are we a little bit sad about a show that's fiercely loved by so many saying adieu on tonight on the SciFi (or SyFy?) channel?

Of course. But when we think of the loyal following the series has nabbed via DVD, and how many repeat viewings people have been and will be enjoying, we get happier.

Consider that some shows that ended even a decade ago weren't available on video or DVD. And should we even jump into how "Battlestar" will continue to thrive at conventions like Comic Con? Star appearances, and panels, will surely happen far into the future.

Finally, we think back to other set-in-space series like "Star Trek" (the original run), shows that were often abruptly canceled, leaving storylines flapping aimlessly and fans without hope of seeing the show end the way the creator wanted it to conclude.

We know that show honcho Ron Moore will end BSG in a big way, and his way, and for that, all BSGers should be feeling good.

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