Bill Murray Dresses as Liberace to Help David Letterman Mark “Late Show's” 20th Anniversary

Bill Murray certainly knows how to make an entrance so it's no surprise the funnyman donned a Liberace costume to help commemorate his old friend David Letterman's 20th anniversary hosting CBS' "The Late Show."

Murray, cape and all, got out of a Rolls Royce that was pushed on stage carrying a little white dog as Paul Shaffer and his CBS Orchestra played the maestro's famed piano introduction.

He then took his seat in the chair opposite the gap-toothed comic, a very special moment given that the "Ghostbusters" star was Letterman's first guest ever--both on Letterman's NBC program "Late Night" back in 1982 and again when the latter moved to the Eye network in August, 1993.

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"I didn't know you had a dog," quipped Dave.

"I had to get something that went with this outfit," replied the comedian, channeling his best Liberace voice.

"Well, my heart has now taken flight."

"Thank you, Dave. You know, I love you, audience. I love you. But I don't have time tonight. Cause I'm only here for one reason," deadpanned Murray, before turning and pointing to Letterman.

Bill then professed his love for the "Late Show" host by giving him a very special gift--a massive billboard of Murray's handsome mug placed above the Ed Sullivan Theater's marquee which read, "Bill Murray wishes Dave a Happy 20th anniversary."

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The Oscar-nominated actor, of course, didn't stop there.

Saying he was trying to find a time capsule he left buried under the chair two decades before, Murray started ripping up the set where he subsequently found an old New York Post with a headline featuring Letterman's longtime rival, Jay Leno.

He also dug up an old copy of Billboard magazine from 1993 at which point, looking back on 20 years ago when he first graced Letterman's CBS program, he asked Dave what the number one song in the country was. Murray then launched into a hilariously bad rendition of, yes, the climax of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," which Letterman absolutely ate up.

Time passes, but some guests never change. Here's to another 20 years, Dave.

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