Blago Hunts, Pecks and Survives

Darryl Strawberry quits; saves Rod

Rod Blagojevich doesn’t surf  -- the web.

In fact the former governor of Illinois doesn’t even know how to type, and unfortunately for him, his computer skills were on display for the entire country during the third episode of Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night.

"One of the things when you're governor, there's 60,000 people working for you, they pretty much research for you. Before that I was a congressman, and I never had to learn it," he said.

Surprisingly Blago’s lack of skills didn’t get him fired from the show because Darryl Strawberry offered himself as a sacrificial lamb and quit the show.

But it looked as though Blago would get the ax. Project manager Michael Johnson was pushing for his release after a dismal performance creating an advertorial for Norton Security’s Life-Lock program. 

"It's difficult trying to find a task for him and try to find something for him to do because there's not much that he can do," said Johnson, who advocated for Blagojevich to be fired. "And there's got to be something there because he got to be governor of Illinois. You don't just fall up there."

Blago insisted he wasn’t used correctly. The former governor argued that he has a good amount of experience with advertising from his years of campaigning and that Johnson didn’t use his creative skills properly, Blagojevich said, with all due respect.

The show’s host, Donald Trump, reminded everyone on Team RockSolid what a difficult position Blagojevich was in as a contestant.

“He’s got to be nice to everyone,” Trump says. “He never knows if some Darryl Strawberry fan is going to end up on a jury …”

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