BlogHer Celebrates a Decade of Women Bloggers

Lisa Stone, founder and chief executive of BlogHer, a news, information entertainment community of female bloggers, has changed since its roots in 2004. 

"What's changed? Social media platforms," Stone told Press:Here. "Here are the women and here are how they're changing the wold across social media."

Stone said that bloggers today use social media as a megaphone as a way to gain influence and build their brand. Now the latest BlogHer conference is about how female bloggers learn more about technology and how to earn an income.

Stone also said there are three things that make a successful blog: "supreme, gorgeous quality," developing a community with trust and full disclosure, and compensation. 

BlogHer which features content from its bloggers offers an advertising revenue share model, but also does content development for hire.

"We develop editorial as well as advertorial," she said.

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