“Bored to Death” and “Eastbound & Down” Return Sept. 26

Programming note: Set your DVR or put a note in your calendar so you don't miss out on the returns of "Bored to Death" and "Eastbound & Down."

"Bored to Death," starring Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson, is (very) loosely based on the life of author/the show's creator Jonathan Ames. The first episode of Season Two, "Escape From the Dungeon," airs at 10 pm Eastern on Sunday, Sept. 26.

After getting off to a slow start last season, "Bored to Death," about a struggling writer who begins offering his services a private detective on Craigslist, eventually hit its stride, thanks in large part to Danson doing some of the best work of his career as Schwartzman's pot-smoking, skirt-chasing boss.

The string of guest stars stopping by "Bored" helped it immensely as well, and this year John Hodgman, Patton Oswalt, Oliver Platt, Jenny Slate and Kirsten Wiig, F. Murray Abraham, Kevin Bacon, Allyce Beasley, Olympia Dukakis, Jim Gaffigan, Kristen Johnson, Zoe Kazan, Mary Kay Place and Jonathan Ames himself will all be stopping by.

Right after the season premiere of "Bored" will be the first episode of the new season of "Eastbound & Down," starring Danny McBride as washed up major league pitcher Kenny Powers.

This new season of "Eastbound," from producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, finds Powers leaving his North Carolina hometown behind to try his luck in a small town in Mexico.

We'll be honest, "Eastbound" never won us over quite as much as "Bored," but the news of the two shows' debuts was in the same press release -- it would've been churlish and petty not to mention "Eastbound."

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