Bright Bites: Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival

The flavors are splashy, the wine is full-bodied, and the chefs shall be out in demo-delightful force.

THE OL' TROPE... involving "two kinds of people in this world" will never in any shape, form, or flavor apply to the world of foodiedom, for those who approach artwork edibles do so in countless individual ways. There's the person who has to research the menu online before visiting a new restaurant, while another adventurer might choose to wing it upon arrival (or always pick the first dish on the list, just to stay consistent). And while some food lovers vow to visit eateries touted in top publications over time, others like to complete their cuisine-based education in one fell, weekend-long swoop. Such a swoop is headed for Newport Beach over the close of September and beginning of October, when the chef-packed, bites-packed, demo-packed Wine and Food Festival returns to offer tantalizing tastes to snack-arounders who are ready to get down to the business of eating very well. The 2016 dates are just ahead, so make for the breezy ocean-adjacent burg from...

THURSDAY, SEPT. 29-SUNDAY, OCT. 2: Prepare for several gourmet grand happenings, days full of "living cooking demonstrations with celebrity chefs, book signings, master sommelier panels..." and a host of other built-around-the-plate (-and-glass) goings-on. Rick Bayless, Nancy Silverton, Rick Moonen, and a caboodle of toque-wearing artists'll be chatting up fans, talking trends, making meals, and doing all the things foodies travel to festivals to see. For while we can visit an eatery wherever we live on any day of the week, having the spotlight cast upon top cuisine over several days in several ways is a rarer thing, but an occasion that does pop up, poshly, now and then. Newport Beach is next up, and cuisinaires'll be there to enjoy, and we don't even need to trot out the stale "two kinds of people" chestnut. Food fans like seeing chefs in person and eating beautifully made bites, and there's no further trite categorizing that needs to be done.

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