Brown Pushes Obama Administration on Medi-Cal Cuts

While some states don't want any help from the federal government, California isn't as shy.

Gov. Jerry Brown is asking the Obama administration for help with the state's budget crisis.

But unlike other states refusing money, Brown wants the federal government's permission to cut funding for programs to help California close its nearly $25.4 billion budget.

The governor met with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to push her to allow the state to cut $3.7 billion from the budget that must be approved by the federal government.

Brown is eying reductions to Medi-Cal and in-home health care services. The governor told the Los Angeles Times that Sebelius “receptive but it isn’t worked out yet. We have still some things to work on.”

The governor said he was doubtful the federal government would approve the cuts but he was optimistic something would get done.

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