Bark's Worse Than Bite: Small Bulldog Scares Bears Away From Monrovia Home

The tiny bulldog was caught on camera charging down the porch steps and jumping at one of the bears.

Dogs are loyal pets. This statement rings true for a 20-pound French bulldog from Monrovia, California, when a surveillance video caught the pup chasing away two bears from his owner's property Friday, Monrovia Police said.

In one of the videos posted on YouTube, the bears are seen walking around the back porch of a residence located in the 400 block of Highland Place.

Thirty seconds into the clip, the tiny bulldog charges down the porch steps and starts jumping at one of the bears, causing the two to scatter. 

Defensive, the bear leaps on its hind legs and starts pushing the dog away. The dog then goes after the other bear and starts chasing them off of the porch.

In a second video, one the bears is frantically slipping and sliding on the front porch of the house, bumping into a porch swing, while trying to escape the bulldog's wrath.

Bears and deer are very common in the area according to the city's website. Just last year, a bear and her two cubs were spotted around the neighborhood climbing up trees and drinking from a woman's backyard fountain. 

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