Buy Kate Middleton's Childhood Home for $742K

As the wedding of the decade between Prince William and Kate Middleton quickly approaches, it seems as if the infatuation and furor over the royal nuptials are merely increasing exponentially. In fact, one British family is hoping to capitalize on the royal-obsessed nation by auctioning off Kate Middleton's childhood home in May for £460,000 (that's $742,000).  

The Daily Mail reports that the villa the Princess-to-be called home until the age of 13 is located in the Berkshire village of Bradfield Southend, about 60 miles west of London. The charming home features four bedrooms and a playroom and it is apparently in very much the same condition as when the Middleton's sold the property in 1995.  
As auctioneer Dudley Singleton remarked, "It's always possible that someone will buy it as an investment, because if Kate becomes queen someone might even want to open it as a museum one day and charge people to see it." 
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