Buyers Already Lining Up for iPhone 5


Maybe there is something to those conspiracy theories about Apple purposefully leaving cell phones prototypes in local bars as some sort of guerrilla marketing campaign.

While the iPhone 5 is nothing more than rumors and speculation, a new survey says people can't wait to get their grubby little hands on the next iteration of Apple's popular smartphone, whatever it looks like and whatever it does.

A survey of 2,200 people by ChangeWave for RBC Capital Markets found that about 31 percent of those who responded said they were very likely or somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5.

A similar survey done before the launch of the iPhone 4 found about 25 percent of those who responded saying they were likely to buy the phone.

The findings have prompted RBC to raise its estimate for iPhone sales in the 2012 fiscal year from 105 million to 110 million phones.

That forecast is backed when current iPhone owners are taken into consideration. About 66 percent said they were somewhat likely to pick up the iPhone 5.

iPhone 4 users will just be careful not to put the new phone in the notorious death grip.


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