Cage & Kidman Are Victims of “Trespass” Trailer, and So Are We

It's hard to believe that the two leads in this film are both Oscar winners and the bad guy was one of the breakout stars of last year's Sundance film festival.

A trailer has dropped for "Trespass," from director Joel Schumacher, a man so far removed from success that his previous films mentioned in the trailer came out in 2002 and 1993. It stars Nic Cage and Nicole Kidman as a wealthy couple with a beautiful young daughter (natch), who are victims of your standard home invasion/ransom led by Ben Mendelsohn ("Animal Kingdom"). But there's a twist--it looks like Kidman may have stepped out on Cage with one of their assailants. Been there, man, and it's a drag...

Cage made this film because he's probably still crawling out from under a mountain of debt, while Kidman did it so she can afford to keep doing great work like "Rabbit Hole." Strange how completely different motivations can lead people to the same place.

"Trespass" opens Oct. 14, following its how did that happen run at the Toronto Film Festival.

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