California: Bad for Jobs in 2010

Don Tollefson Serious

A poll released Monday shows California had the third worst  job market in the nation last year.

The Gallup Job Creation Index surveyed 200,000 employed adults last year, asking them whether their company was hiring or letting workers go.

Nationally, 28 percent of employees reported their companies were hiring while 21 percent said their companies were shedding jobs.

In California, both of those numbers were lower with 25% of employees saying they were seeing additional jobs added to their companies while the same percentage said they were seeing jobs cut.

Today's job market conditions, like those of late 2010, are still a long way from those of 2008 -- the first year of the Great Recession, according to Gallup’s news release.

Analysts connect the housing crash and financial debacle as part of the reason for California’s listing along with #1 Nevada and #2 New Jersey.

Hey, at least we can still say living in New Jersey is worse than living in California.

Check the report for states with the best job markets.

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