Can the Anti-Facebook Gain Friends?


Diaspora was billed as the Anti-Facebook, its idea borne from four college students at a most serendipitous time -- last year, when Facebook was accused of violating user privacy and anti-Facebook feeling was high. Apparently the concept was so "cool" that even Mark Zuckerberg donated money to the quartet.

Then it all seemed to disappear until yesterday, when a blog post by chief executive Maxwell Salzberg, began writing about Diaspora's new plans. "For the past few months, we’ve been pretty quiet, because we’ve been hard at work. . . . We are working on an outline of what we have learnt so far, and where we see Diaspora going in the next year," he wrote.

Salzberg continues on to say the group is meeting with partners and others to "get more people involved and invested in Diaspora."

So, it would appear that the company failed to capitalize on any anti-Facebook feeling, has no active user base, and seems to have few relationships or new investors a year after being touted as the new pretty, young thing.

While once Facebook may have been slightly worried about Diaspora, I'm sure this start-up is no longer on its radar.

Hat Tip: ReadWriteWeb

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