Candy Crush Saga Breaks Algorithms

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Apparently Candy Crush Saga, a popular mobile game and mainstay on Facebook, is hugely successful -- so successful that it broke a research firm's growth algorithm.

AppData, a market research firm that follows Facebook usage of various games and apps, found that its algorithm couldn't keep up with Candy Crush Saga's meteoric rise, according to the Wall Street Journal. The firm had to change its numbers dating back to March because the game's growth was so much bigger than predicted.

The game, which requires users to make patterns with candy to win points, now has 132.4 million users who play at least once a month. That number was merely 40 million a few days ago.“It’s in the stratosphere,” said a spokesman for the researcher.

The news is good for London-based developer as it prepares to file its initial public offering. 

Candy Crush Saga is crazily addictive (full disclosure: I am a regular player) and with a number of friends also playing, it becomes an easy way to waste time on the social network. However few people would have bet that so many different kinds of people would become enslaved to a game that helps a little girl travel through Candy Town.

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