Carpinteria Abloom: Field to Vase Dinner

The on-the-road dinner series will call upon the home of Gallup & Stribling Orchids.

BE TOTALLY HONEST: When you hear about extraordinary flowers, the kind of blooms that are speckled and fragrant and colossal and noteworthy, you probably think, more often than not, that they hail from California. Absolutely, other places produce exquisite petals of their own, but we do rock some Golden State pride when it comes to the beautiful blossoms that seem to so readily spring up 'round these parts. Which all means, with understandable reason, that a traveling dinner tour, one that makes flower-close dining a key component, will probably include California on the itinerary. And the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour 2017 has done just that, only, no surprise here, not once but twice. There's a dinner just ahead, in Carpinteria, at Gallup & Stribling Orchids on Thursday, March 30, and another in Carlsbad, at the famous Flower Fields, on Thursday, April 20. So what's this unique floral + food experience all about? Picture a...

"MULTI-COURSE MEAL"... that's served steps away from a bevy of buds. If you enjoy dining with an elaborate bouquet on the table, well, multiply that bouquet by a bunch, for the flowers will surround you as you eat and sip and socialize. Rincon Catering is behind the Carpinteria supper, a farm-to-table "artisan meal" enhanced by some of the most striking orchids around. Informative, flower-focused tours and meeting the growers who've made orchids or ranunculus blooms their calling are also part of the parties. Eager to know the gorgeous blooms beyond California, too? There are more Field to Vase events ahead for 2017, including evenings in Homer, Alaska and Waterford, Virginia.

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