‘Castle’ Season Finale Will Be ‘Bittersweet,’ Says Co-Star

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To “Castle” fans who have been hoping for a major development all season: be careful what you wish for.

Actor Seamus Dever, who plays Det. Kevin Ryan on ABC’s romantically charged crime series, tells PopcornBiz that the May 7 season finale delivers not one but two major turning points to long-simmering plotlines, and one of them may not be cause for celebration.

“I think our season finale is going to be a bittersweet fare,” teases Dever. “Something's going to happen that's been building for a long time – and something ELSE is going to happen that's been building for a long time. And one's going to be very happy for the fans, and one's going to be sort of sad for the fans. So, yes: ‘bittersweet’ is what I'm calling it.”

One of those moments centers around one of the show’s OTHER pairings: the professional partnership of Ryan and Javier Esposito, Dever cryptically reveals. “Something big happens to Ryan and Esposito in the season finale.”

And what of the always burning “will they/won’t they?” question of a Castle/Beckett hookup, which has been gaining steam all season? Will Nate Fillion's mystery writer and Stana Katic homicide detective finally get it together?

“I have always wanted them to get together so that people can stop asking me that question,” laughs Dever. “No offense at all, because I love answering that question. But I've always been – It's one of those things that you want to see if the show can evolve at that point, and if it happens to be the first question on the tip of everybody's tongue then you'd think, let's solve that and let's move on, and let's find something else to make the show about. So I'm in favor of that. I always have been. I'm unabashedly a ‘ship-er.”


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