Catalina Express: Two-for-One Birthday Deal

Savor a (birth)day out on an island with your best bud (for less).

IF YOU HAVE THAT FRIEND... who is forever imploring you to think bigger on your birthday, to reach beyond the bounds of the traditional meal or movie out, then best text that friend at once and tell her you've hatched an ultra-nifty, out-of-the-everyday plan. And that plan is this: You're both going to hop on the Catalina Express, when the actual day of your birthday arrives, and you're going to enjoy a two-for-one deal. This is a new program from the venerable get-to-Catalina-Island boat company, a fresh twist on the "ride free on your birthday" deal that's been a staple of the Catalina Express since 2011.

HOW IT WORKS? You and your island-lovin' bud will need to start your journey on the actual day of your birthday, and you'll both need to cover the full fare for one adult ticket (though you'll both get to ride). It is round trip, though daydreams of staying in Avalon forever are free. But you don't need to return to the mainland on that day, if you want to bed down in a local hotel and savor buffalo sightings and strolls along the town's historic thoroughfares; you'll just need to get back within 30 days.

THERE ARE SOME WHAT'S-WHATS... to observe, like pre-registering online, and age requirements, and birthday-revealing identification, and so forth. Once on Catalina Island, you will come across, with the help of this handy pdf, some snazzy birthday-related discounts and to-dos.

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