Caught on Camera: Police Officer Kicks Man in Handcuffs

A police officer in Columbus, South Carolina, was captured kicking a man in the head while he was in handcuffs on April 8. 

The video, which was posted to YouTube, shows Demarko Anderson on the ground with another officer on top of him. Next you see Officer Zachary Rosen walk into the frame and kick Anderson, NBC affiliate WCMH reported

Anderson was initially arrested for threatening a neighbor and everyone in the neighbor's house.

"The guy was on the ground already. He already had restraints on him. What is the point of continuing to stomp him out on his face? What was the point of that? There is no need," said Social Justice Advocate Kanyinsola Oye. "You already got him down. He can't move. He can't do anything else. That seems more like a fight like you're trying to hurt someone, to me."

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