Cavallo Point Lodge: Summer of Love

The historic hotel is helping guests get into the wayback groove of '67.

THE SUMMER OF LOVE... is a rhythm, a vibe, an outlook, and a full-on approach to art and living, but, above all, it was an actual, it-really-happened time. That time was indeed summer, in 1967, though many important events occurred before and after that amazingly short period, too. And while oodles of people embraces the rhythm and outlook that the hallowed '67 stretch symbolizes, those same people are seeking to connect with the monumental season of music, love, and change on a look-back, educational level, too. The opportunities to do so will be plentiful over the summer of 2017, the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love, and Cavallo Point Lodge, the storied spread of vintage buildings in Sausalito, not far from the Golden Gate Bridge, wants to help guests find more stories, characters, and messages from that multi-month course-changer of a moment. The property's new...

SUMMER OF LOVE PACKAGE... includes accommodations in either a Contemporary or Historic Room, and round-trip transportation to both the Haight (where a self-guided tour, voiced by none other than Peter Coyote, will lead you by some major sites o' '67) and the de Young Museum, which is featuring an exhibit called "The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll" through Aug. 20, 2017. Also provided for your trip into the city? A picnic lunch, to keep your energy up for all of that summery soaking-in. And if you're staying on a Sunday, Cavallo Point is providing a ride to Stern Grove, the sound-sweet staple now in its 80th year. The hotel also has a playlist to download full of hits of the era, including Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, and more greats. For prices, details, asterisks, and all of the vibes you'll need to grok to before finding your path back to a summer in the past, start here, flower people and lovers of this journey of life.

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