Chargers Finally Sell Out Season Tickets

After months of trying and with 13 days left before the season the Bolts sold out


In 2017 it took the Chargers until March 27 to announce they’d sold out their allotment for season tickets in a soccer stadium that they originally claimed would hold 30,000, then dropped to 27,000, then reduced to 25,386.

That was a long time for a National Football League team to sell that small number of seats, especially given the fact they were supposed to be the new shiny thing in Los Angeles and just one year prior the Rams had sold 70,000 season tickets in six hours for their return to L.A.

After just barely missing the 2017 playoffs and finishing the season winning nine out of 12 games and generating buzz that they could be a playoff team this season one would think the Bolts would be able to unload their tiny allotment of tickets fairly easily, right?

It took them five months longer this time.

On Monday, August 27, the Chargers finally announced their 2018 season tickets had sold out. The time it took to reach that point suggests an alarming lack of interest for the team in its new “home.”

The most likely reason for the extended time selling season tickets (and I’m making an educated guess here) is the ticket brokers who bought up the season tickets last year and had trouble unloading them to an L.A. fan base that is, at best, uninterested did not re-up this year. With that market dried up the Chargers had to search for a good while for enough people or companies interested in buying seats.

The team says there are about 500 single-game tickets available for each of the eight regular season home games.

The Chargers open on September 9 at the StubHub Center against the division rival Kansas City Chiefs, a game that last year was obviously pro-K.C.

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