Cheat Sheet

A guide to faking it: a must-read list of articles that will wow your friends, impress your co-workers and make you seem smart.

  • You can breathe easy for now but a new study shows that the Earth is leaking oxygen into space at an increased rate. The good news: Scientists predict that its effects won't be felt for some time. 
  • One of the most anticipated video games in history is due out this week. Spore allows users to follow single-cell microbes as they evolve into intelligent creatures capable of building intergalactic civilizations. Users can create their own creatures and interact with others'.
  • A year ago Abu Dhabi made a $1 billion deal with Warner Bros that has resulted in the production of just one movie. Yet the media company is rolling in oil money and continues to invest in Hollywood.
  • The town of Wilmington, N.C. will be the first to have an all-digital TV signal. The FCC has set up shop in the small river community to prepare for its first digital TV roll-out.
  • Coca-Cola bought Chinese juice-maker Huiyuan for $ 2.5 billion -- paying $12.20 per share and surpassing the Chinese firm's expectations 43 fold.
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