Chef Chris Cosentino Launches YouTube Pork Show

On the day Burger King announced it is trying to lure customers to the fast food chain with bacon sundaes, word comes that San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino is launching a new web series called "Pork You."

The other white meat and the many ways to cook it will be the feature of the Incanto chef's YouTube show.

"Bacon, Pig, and Pork - we all have a weakness for just one more bite! Each week our celebrity chef, Chris Cosentino will explore and create bacon, pig, and pork plates to amaze the taste buds," the show said in a release. "From over the top BLTs and crazy carnitas to tacos marinated in orange soda, and primal pig roasts, this show is a pork and bacon lover's dream. Oink!"

Cosentino, whose specialty is offal dishes, has been featured on several cooking shows, including "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain.

The six five-minute episodes will begin airing on YouTube's channel Hungry in late July.

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