Chevron Selling San Ramon Campus; Headquarters to Remain in California

NBC Universal, Inc.

Chevron, the biggest employer in the city of San Ramon, is downsizing and moving.

The company is selling its park-like campus and offering to cover costs for employees to voluntarily relocate to Texas, but Chevron headquarters will stay in California.

At the peak, the complex employed 3,400 workers. The company is now looking for a smaller lease site.

Chevron released the following statement: "Chevron plans to sell our Chevron Park campus and move to new modern leased space in San Ramon, California. The current real estate market provides the opportunity to right-size our office space to meet the requirements of our headquarters-based employee population. The move is expected to occur during the third quarter of 2023. Chevron will remain headquartered in California, where the company has a 140-year history and operations and partnerships throughout the state."

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