Child Summons Help for Great Grandmother During Emergency

Fire officials credit a girl's quick thinking to call 911 after her great grandmother falls

Firefighters in Southern California plan to present a 5-year-old girl who’s credited with saving the life of her great grandmother with a Life Saver Award in the coming weeks.

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Karli LaFever called 911 on Monday to summon help for her great grandmother who had collapsed and fallen unconscious in her home in the 40200 block of Via Acuna in Murrieta, said fire department spokesman Matt Corelli.

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Personnel arrived within five minutes and treated the elderly victim, whose identity was not released, for a life-threatening condition, then rushed her to a hospital, where she was stabilized.

Karli recounted the story matter-of-factly.

“I said to my mama that Nana was crying and there was blood on her nightie," she said.

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When she tried to awaken her unconscious grandmother but couldn't, she picked up the phone and called her mother, who in turn called 911 before rushing to the house, firefighters said.

“If she didn't call, all types of problems could've happened including death,” said Capt. Casey McDonald, of the Murrieta Fire Department.

Added her mother, Briana LaFever: "My daughter is a miracle."

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